Giving Back To Our Community

Hawaii has some of the highest food costs in the nation. Help us give back to our community providing food and personal care items to those who need it most.
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Feed Our Community

The pantry would not be possible without community volunteers. During our second year of operation, more than 3,000 volunteer hours were tabulated.

Ways To Give

Since its inception in 2014, the Kauai North Shore Food Pantry has been steadily growing, and in the second year of operation, fed 2292 shoppers, representing food for 7,713 individuals.


Healthy & Fresh Food

The Kauai North Shore Food Pantry is dedicated to serving the healthiest food possible, and is set up to allow people to “shop” and choose what they need.
What We Give

Donate Surplus Food

Local Farmers & Growers

If you have land or fruit trees that produce an abundance of fruits please consider donating the excess to the food pantry where it will be used by those in need rather than spoiling.
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Visitors to Kauai

If you find that you have unopened food at the end of your stay, consider donating such items to our Food Pantry. Contact the Operations Manager Cathy Butler at (970) 618.8889.
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Help Us Feed Our Community

Our mission is to feed the underfed in our
community to the best of our ability.

Hawaii has some of the highest food costs in the nation. Help us to feed the individuals and families in need throughout our community.