Food, Fresh Produce, and Babies!

We offer food to people of all ages in our community.  This past Saturday we were excited to meet and welcome the two youngest shoppers at the Food Pantry. Here, Cathy Butler holds Zoe and Chloe, twins just 10 days old, while their mother shopped. It warmed our hearts to be part of their lives.  Congratulations to their parents!!

As usual, we offered a selection of canned and dry goods.  Our produce selection continues to include a selection of locally grown and organic fruits and vegetables.  Our neighbors and local growers generosity makes this possible so as always, a big Mahalo to them!

It was the 4th Saturday of the month so we offered cat and dog food as well as people food.

Next Saturday will be the 1st Saturday of the month which is a drugstore day.  On drugstore days, we offer personal hygiene items such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and toilet paper.

A reminder to visitors to our island: when you leave our island, we welcome donations of unopened goods you have purchased during your stay and will not be taking home with you.  To donate click on the Donate page on this website and call Cathy Butler. She will arrange a time and place to drop off your donation. And, she may give you a first hand account of  how special the new twin babies are!

What A Wonderful Week At The Food Pantry!!

This week at the Food Pantry was exceptional.

First, we have new tee shirts for our volunteers who are proudly displaying the Kauai North Shore Food Pantry logo.

Second, although we are sad about the passing of Ric Cox, a remarkable man who founded Aloha Angels and raised over two million dollars in 2 years to support Kauai schools and teachers, we were happy to receive a surprise luncheon.  Ric’s celebration of life was held in Kilauea as the food pantry volunteers were doing our usual Saturday set up. Michael Dexter-Smith called to ask if the volunteers and shoppers at the pantry would like lunch as there was more than enough food at the celebration of life.  He then brought the food, a delicious buffet, which was enjoyed by all.

Lastly, in the recent weeks our produce offerings have dwindled due to seasonal variations. We are happy to again have an abundance of fresh produce from the food bank and donated from our generous neighbors. We are proud to offer a selection of healthy and often organic produce. A big Mahalo to our neighbors who share their fruits and vegetables!