Food Pantry Operation

Food Pantry

Every week is new – a surprise to see what food we can get at the food bank and what food is brought in by the community. We do our best to get healthy food. We keep it simple – we get food and we give it out. There isn’t a lot of paperwork – people come, say they need food, sign in and we give them food. Some people would have very little food without the food pantry, while others are working families or seniors on a fixed income and don’t have enough to cover all their expenses. The food pantry eases their budget. We like to be a part of the solution for them. And we love the people we meet, both the volunteers and the “shoppers.” It is a happy place where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.


Our Drugstore is available to shoppers twice a month and provides health essentials, such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and sunscreen. We offer these supplies to supplement our weekly Food Pantry and provide members of the community with access to safe and high quality personal care items. If you are in need of supplies for yourself or your family we make it simple and easy for you.

Dog & Cat Food

We also give away dog and cat food twice a month. Our pets need to be fed too! So if you have a dog or a cat that you struggle to feed on top of all of your monthly expenses, we would love to give you a helping hand.